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8558 Group Experience
Tom Liber has spent his 40 + year business career specializing in start-ups, turn-arounds and workouts.

Our Experience

The 8558 Group has managed over $10 billion in successful workouts

As the “Great Recession” evolved many lenders and borrowers found themselves facing what was for both a new and unique problem – overnight the value of property on which loans were based depreciated precipitously. Borrowers found themselves unable to meet their obligations; banks found their capital reserves and very existence threatened.

Overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem, both borrowers and lenders needed creative guidance in working out the renegotiation, restructuring and settlement of loans. Lenders lacked expertise in workout and were woefully understaffed. Borrowers had nowhere at all to turn for help. And delay in confronting the issue of their debt only made the situation worse for them both financially and emotionally.

Fortuitously, borrowers and lenders had somewhere to turn for the experience, expertise and creativity they needed to work their way through the difficulties they faced.

The 8558 Group’s experience comprises three disciplines

Business Start-Ups

Including strategic business plan development and structuring start-up “early stage” financing facilities.


Business Turn Around

Engagements as an interim CEO to manage the reorganization of business enterprises, managing a major international telecommunications company through a successful entry into, and emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


Business Transition/Workout Advisory Services

Advising both borrowers and financial institutions, and developing one of the major commercial debt restructuring/modification advisory and mediation businesses in the Southeast.

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