Our History

Past Transactions

Our experience spans over a 40+ year business career. Here are some of the sample transactions we have worked on. 

Office Building in Southern California

80,000 square foot single tenant Office Building in Southern California. Building vacant with no prospective tenant. TIC note with outstanding balance at $14MM. Worked with Master Servicer to shift over to Special prior to any default. Note then went into default. Negotiated DPO with Special Servicer for $7MM. Original Borrower purchased their own Note. Assisted in securing DPO financing.

Major Kansas Shopping Center

Major Kansas Shopping Center. $35MM TIC Note. Maturity default. Special Servicer acquired Loan and sent Note to Auction. Negotiated restructured debt with new Lender to avoid foreclosure and include TICs in restructured Ownership.

Medical Office Building in Texas

Medical Office Building in Suburban Texas City. $7.5MM Note acquired by private fund in bulk purchase transaction. Negotiated a DPO through sale of asset to a third party Purchaser.

Shopping Center in Oregon

Retail Shopping center in North Albany, Oregon. Created a Joint Venture with the original Borrower’s and Lender to avoid foreclosure.

Major Southern California Mall

Major Southern California Mall. $60MM TIC loan. Maturity Default. Negotiated with Special Servicer for 18 months, during which time I secured 23 foreclosure sale date extensions. Ultimately arranged a DPO through sale of Note to Third Party for $48MM.

Shopping Center in New Jersey

Shopping Center in New Jersey. $40mm Note. Immanent monetary default. Worked with Master Servicer to get shifted over to Special Servicer prior to default. Assisted in Borrower purchasing original Note from one off Auction with Capital Partner at $25mm.

Shopping Center in Arizona

Retail Shopping Center in Phoenix Arizona. Facilitated a sale of the property post maturity. Negotiated a DPO and settlement with Lender recapturing original owner’s equity.

Shopping Center in Nevada

Retail Shopping Center in Las Vegas. A/B Note Modification maturity, negotiated satisfactory settlement with both the Lender and the Borrower for Borrower to purchase at a DPO.

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